Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

(Unofficial Fan Summary & Highlights)

The Arena Racing League ARL® is the official governing body for ArenaRacingUSA®.  All drivers, team owners and crew members must abide by the rules set forth by ArenaRacingUSA®. All rules are designed to promote clean, skill-based racing with clear and consistent rules and use the approved spec ARENACAR®

Race Divisions

Youth Class (9-13 years old — 8 year olds are permitted if they have previous racing experience)
Pro Class (14 years old and up)


    • Arena Racing League ARL® is a SPEC series.
    • All cars must meet league specifications and must be issued by the League.
    • Drivers, owners and crew members must be licensed Arena Racing USA members in good standing.
    • Drivers must be at least 14 years of age to compete in the Pro Class, unless approved by the parents and race director.
    • Teams are allowed to customize only setup related items, such as caster/camber, toe-in, tire stagger, track bar, coil-over springs and shocks, and lead location.
    • Cars are strictly inspected before and after each event.
    • The season consists of up to 15 individual series events which culminate in a series point’s championship.
    • Each event will feature up to five Main races, and a nightly Top Dog Championship Race.
    • All drivers draw a pill for starting positions in the Main that they qualify for.
    • Drivers will start their Main race in random order. This system prevents the fastest car from starting up front at all times – and adds to the challenge.
    • When a crash occurs, all drivers involved in the incident must go to the rear of the field.
    • The top several finishers in each Main race will then compete in the “Top Dog” finale.
    • Each Main race awards points to the finishers with the A-Main winner receiving more points than the B-Main, etc. The point drop is one point per position in each Main which creates a tight point’s race throughout the season.
    • The Points Champion will receive up to $10,000 cash plus other awards with the total points fund and event awards with previous season totals being over $35,000
    • The flag system is the same as in other forms of racing. The flag that no one wants to see is the black flag. The blue flag with the yellow stripe means faster traffic (the leaders) are coming up behind the trailing cars, and the trailing cars should give them room to pass.
    • All of the ARENACAR® race cars are equipped identically except for the driver, the set-up and of course the paint scheme.
    • All cars must use 2-way communication with coaches.
    • Every car has a transponder for computer scoring.
    • Every car must have a caution light in the dashboard, which is activated when the caution flag is waved.
    • The set-up is crucial as the only changes allowed to be made to the cars is the set-up, and there are many potential adjustments in these cars.
    • Come to the pits and see the cars for yourself. Ask questions of the teams, and they will gladly share their knowledge with you. You will find that these race cars are very similar to the race cars that you see on TV.

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