Race Report Saturday, November 9, 2013

Race Report Saturday, November 9, 2013

ARENA RACING USA at Richmond (Va.)
Coliseum Capital Tristate 200 (2013-14 Season Opener)
Race Report Saturday, November 9, 2013

RICHMOND, Va. (Nov. 9) — Pro Series kingpin Scott Prillaman of Suffolk, Va., began his title defense with a win in the 50-lap Three Rivers Services Top Dog race, the featured event of Saturday evening’s Capital Tristate 200, the 2013-14 season opener for Arena Racing USA at the Richmond Coliseum.   Tyler Hughes was the pole starter, but gave way to front-row mate Jason Manes as the race got under way. Travis Wall briefly snagged the second spot, only to see Hughes regain the position on lap 2.   The first caution flag flew on lap 4 when Manes and Hughes tangled at the start/finish line. Both drivers were directed to the rear of the field as the lead passed to Wall, a former series champ. A Main winner Cody Carlton was deployed in second for the restart, followed by B Main winner Scott Allen and Prillaman, who had moved from 12th to fourth.   On the ensuing restart, trouble quickly broke out at the head of the field and the result was a multi-car pileup off Turn 2. Carlton, John Alford and Tripp Thurston were sidelined, while Wall was sent to the back of the pack.   As the field bunched for another double-file restart, Allen chose to launch from the outside lane, ceding the inside to Prillaman.   Back under green, Prillaman took full advantage of the inside groove, flashing ahead of Allen, who suddenly had his hands full with Dystany Spurlock, who swiped second.   The yellow flag epidemic continued on through the end of the race with cautions on laps 11, 17, 36 and two on lap 45. Through it all, Prillaman held a firm grip on the top spot. Meanwhile, in his mirror, Jason Styron emerged as a potential challenger, hanging onto the runner-up spot for the bulk of the race.   Nearing the end, Casey Sipe, making his first Arena Racing start, bypassed Styron and leaped into contention. He had two chances to overtake Prillaman on late-race restarts, but couldn’t best the longtime veteran.   At the finish, Prillaman was the winner by 1.184 seconds — about half a straightaway — over Sipe. Styron was third, while Hughes and Dylan Loving completed the top five. Spurlock was sixth, followed by Manes and John Testerman, the final drivers to finish the entire distance. John Nickens and Allen rounded out the top 10. Wall was 11th, while Connor Medeiros, Carlton, Alford and Thurston were 12th through 15th, respectively.

***   Cody Carlton of Chesapeake, Va., grabbed the lead on a restart at lap 17 and rolled to victory in the 50-lap Uptown Color A Main.   Tyler Hughes drew the pole for the start, but gave way to his front-row colleague, Scott Prillaman, on the opening circuit. Prillaman cleared Hughes out of Turn 2 on the second lap, bringing Travis Wall along with him, to second.   Meanwhile, Carlton, who started seventh, was on the move in the early going. He quickly made his way toward the front and swiped third from Hughes.   The caution flag appeared on lap 17 when John Alford spun in Turn 2. Gathering for the restart, Carlton and Hughes, the third- and fourth-place runners, broke ranks and pulled to the outside lane, alongside Prillaman and Wall.   Back under green, Carlton was able to generate enough momentum off the top side to nose ahead of Prillaman, taking the lead as they returned to the flagstand. The two continued door-to-door until lap 20 when Carlton gained the clear-cut edge.   Prillaman remained within a couple car-lengths of Carlton’s rear bumper until the waning laps when the leader began to ease away.   By the finish, Carlton’s margin of victory had grown to better than half a straightaway — 1.394 seconds, to be exact. Prillaman was the runner-up, while Wall, Hughes and Jason Styron completed the top five. Along with the five front-runners, Dystany Spurlock, Casey Sipe and John Alford also advanced to the evening’s Top Dog finale, while Francis Jarrelle III missed out on a Top Dog opportunity.

***   Scott Allen of Chesapeake took the lead for good on lap 18 and sailed to the win in the caution-filled 50-lap Insurance Doctor B Main.   Tyler Daniels started on the pole and led the first four laps. Soon after a restart, at lap 4, Allen made his first move to the point. Riding the high side, he charged past Tripp Thurston, Jason Manes and Daniels to take the lead on lap 5.   The third of the race’s five yellow flags flew on lap 7 when Daniels and Manes tangled in Turn 4, earning both drivers a trip to the rear of the field. As they retreated, Dylan Loving advanced to second.   On the ensuing restart, Loving, who launched from the outside lane, inched ahead of Allen to capture the lead. By lap 15, Loving had opened a half-straightaway margin over Allen. Slower traffic loomed ahead, though.   On lap 18, that slower traffic snared Loving as he got tied up with Michael Newell in Turn 3, bringing out the fourth caution flag and handing the lead back to Allen.   As the race resumed, Allen led John Nickens and Connor Medeiros in a three-car breakaway at the head of the pack. Behind them, Loving was in rally mode. He quickly moved back up to fourth, then took third on lap 33.   The final caution flag appeared on lap 34 when Newell spun on the backstretch, collecting Thurston.   For the final restart, third-place Loving again chose the outside lane, hoping to duplicate his earlier success. This time, though, Allen got the drop on him and gained the clear-cut edge as they rolled into Turn 1. Loving continued to hound Allen until lap 47 when the leader suddenly darted ahead by four lengths off Turn 2.   At the checkers, Allen was the winner by 0.622-second — about three lengths — over Loving. Manes was third, followed by Nickens and Medeiros. The top five finishers, along with sixth-place John Testerman, moved on to the Top Dog feature. Originally on the outside looking in, Thurston was also added as the 15th Top Dog entry. Newell and Daniels were left on the sidelines for the evening’s final contest.

***   Garrett Manes of Powhatan, Va., jumped out front on the opening circuit and wired the field to win a 30-lapper for the Youth Series.   Mini Tyrrell, who started fourth in the eight-car field, took over the second spot on a restart at lap 9, swiping the position from Aubrey Hill. While Tyrrell and Hill swapped spots, however, Manes dashed away to lead by nearly a straightaway.   With the leader carefully making his way past slower machines, Tyrrell was able to close ground. At the crossed flags, Manes’ advantage had been trimmed to a single car-length. Breaking into the clear on lap 17, Manes immediately increased his edge to three lengths.   Nearing the finish, lapped traffic became a factor again as Manes waded into a thicket of slower cars, giving Tyrrell a chance to close in.   While certainly proving to be an obstacle, the lapped cars did little to hinder Manes’ run to the checkers as they also blunted Tyrrell’s charge.   At the finish, Manes was the winner by 1.465 seconds over Tyrrell. Hill was third, followed by Chase Burrow and Olivia Florian.

***   Scott Prillaman set the pace in the new season’s first Pro Series qualifying session, circling the tenth-mile oval in 7.951 seconds. Cody Carlton was second-fastest, 50-thousandths of a second off Prillaman’s pole-winning mark. Tyler Hughes, Travis Wall and Francis Jarrelle III rounded out the top five among the 17 drivers who posted times.   In Youth Series time trials, Garrett Manes clocked in at 8.506 seconds to nab the pole. Olivia Florian was second among the eight qualifiers, 0.188-second slower than Manes. Autumn Weaver, Mini Tyrrell and Chase Burrow were third, fourth and fifth, in that order.

*** NOVEMBER 9 RACE RESULTS from Richmond Coliseum:   PRO SERIES TOP DOG (50 laps): 1. Scott Prillaman; 2. Casey Sipe; 3. Jason Styron; 4. Tyler Hughes; 5. Dylan Loving; 6. Dystany Spurlock; 7. Jason Manes; 8. John Testerman; 9. John Nickens; 10. Scott Allen; 11. Travis Wall; 12. Connor Medeiros; 13. Cody Carlton; 14. John Alford; 15. Tripp Thurston. Pole: Hughes.

PRO SERIES A MAIN (50 laps): 1. Cody Carlton; 2. Scott Prillaman; 3. Travis Wall; 4. Tyler Hughes; 5. Jason Styron; 6. Dystany Spurlock; 7. Casey Sipe; 8. John Alford; 9. Francis Jarrelle III. Pole: Hughes.

PRO SERIES B MAIN (50 laps): 1. Scott Allen; 2. Dylan Loving; 3. Jason Manes; 4. John Nickens; 5. Connor Medeiros; 6. John Testerman; 7. Tripp Thurston; 8. Michael Newell; 9. Tyler Daniels. Pole: Daniels.

YOUTH SERIES (30 laps): 1. Garrett Manes; 2. Mini Tyrrell; 3. Aubrey Hill; 4. Chase Burrow; 5. Olivia Florian; 6. Savannah Nickens; 7. Autumn Weaver; 8. Jay Seward. Pole: Weaver.

NEXT EVENT: Teacher Appreciation Night. Saturday, Nov. 23, at the Richmond Coliseum. Doors open at 6:00 PM; racing starts at 7:00 PM.

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