Race Report Saturday, November 23, 2013

Race Report Saturday, November 23, 2013

ARENA RACING USA at Richmond (Va.) Coliseum
RVA 200 presented by Three Rivers Services
Race Report Saturday, November 23, 2013

RICHMOND, Va. (Nov. 23) — On Teacher Appreciation Night, Scott Prillaman of Suffolk, Va., took his fellow Pro Series competitors to school, sweeping the AmeriGas Top Dog feature and the Uptown Color A Main for his second and third wins of the season, as Arena Racing USA convened at the Richmond Coliseum for Saturday evening’s RVA 200 presented by Three Rivers Services.   In the evening’s final race, the 51-lap Top Dog event, Prillaman capitalized on a tangle between the two lead cars to move into contention. He took the lead for the first time on lap 44 and led the rest of the way for his second straight Top Dog victory.   John Alford drew the pole for the start, but opted to drop to the rear of the field, handing the prime starting position to Scott Allen. Francis Jarrelle III was the outside pole-sitter, while Tyler Hughes and Tyler Daniels made up the second row. Tripp Thurston lined up in the fifth slot.   As the race got under way, Jarrelle gathered a head of steam on the outside and nosed half a car-length ahead of Allen at the end of lap 1. Hughes came along with Jarrelle and snagged second, while Allen fell to third.   Meanwhile, Prillaman was due to start 13th on the 14-car grid. With two cars unable to start and two more choosing to start at the rear, though, he moved up seventh before the first green flag dropped.   The first caution flag flew on lap 6. Back under green, Jarrelle darted off by half a straightaway, aided by a momentary logjam in Turn 2. Prillaman skirted the melee and moved up fourth, behind Jarrelle, Hughes and Allen.   The second caution flag flew on lap 18 when Allen and Prillaman tangled in Turn 2, sending Allen into the outside wall. Allen was sidelined by the incident, while Prillaman was directed to the back of the pack.   On the restart, Jarrelle quickly cleared Hughes, who dropped off the pace and made his way to the infield. With Hughes faltering, Travis Wall moved up to third, followed by Dystany Spurlock. Closing in on the leader, Wall ducked underneath Jarrelle on lap 27. Jarrelle was strong on the outside, though, and regained the clear-cut edge a lap later.   The third caution flag flew on lap 31 when Thurston and Dylan Loving tangled on the backstretch, sending Thurston into the inside barrier.   As the race resumed, it appeared that Wall might have the advantage on the top side of the track. Jarrelle, however, carried him high in the corners a couple times and came away with the lead. Once out front, Jarrelle quickly returned to the high line.   The fourth yellow flag fluttered on lap 35 when Jason Manes and Spurlock locked horns on the backstretch. Gathering for another double-file restart, Jarrelle and Wall remained first and second, while Prillaman had cycled back through the pack and was up to third and in position to pounce.   On the ensuing restart, Jarrelle was unable to shake Wall, who remained on his flank through Turns 1 and 2 and down the backstretch. Heading into Turn 3, Jarrelle and Wall slammed together, door-to-door, and Jarrelle nearly lost control. As the two leaders separated, Prillaman charged up the middle and drew to the inside of Wall, who had pulled ahead of Jarrelle.   With Prillaman to his inside, Wall held sway on laps 42 and 43. On lap 44, though, Prillaman finally found enough bite in the bottom groove and surged out front, clearing Wall on lap 45.   Prillaman’s trip to Victory Lane was delayed by two more caution flags, at laps 48 and 50. That last yellow flag set up a “green-white-checkered” finish and pushed the event one lap past its scheduled 50-lap distance.   On the final restart, Prillaman cleared Wall as they sped into Turn 1 and he opened a three-length margin that he would maintain to the end.   At the finish, Prillaman was the winner, followed by Wall, Spurlock, Tyler Daniels and Jarrelle. Manes was sixth, while Thurston, John Nickens and Loving were seventh through ninth, respectively, the final drivers on the lead lap. Hughes, an early retiree, was credited with 10th. Allen and Alford were 11th and 12th, in that order. Camden Testerman and Cody Carlton qualified for the Top Dog race, but were unable to start. They were credited with 13th and 14th.

***   Scott Prillaman took the lead on the opening circuit and showed the way to his second victory of the season in the 50-lap Uptown Color A Main.   Dystany Spurlock drew the pole for the start, but gave way to outside pole-sitter Prillaman as the field rolled onto the backstretch for the first time. Cody Carlton tagged along with Prillaman and took over second place. Dylan Loving moved up to third, while Spurlock slipped to fourth.   The race’s only caution flag waved on lap 20 when Carlton attempted to put a lap on newcomer Jordan Wallace. The two tangled on the back straightaway, crippling Carlton’s #94 machine. During the ensuing caution period, Wallace also dropped from contention and his car was pushed to the infield.   As the field gathered for a restart, second-place Loving, third-place Spurlock and sixth-place Tyler Hughes opted to launch from the outside lane.   Back under green, Prillaman easily dispensed with Loving and left the inside lane open for Travis Wall, who moved up to second, while Loving and Spurlock settled into third and fourth.   Over the second half of the event, Prillaman and Wall staged a spirited duel for the top spot. For most of the run, the two were glued together, nose-to-tail. On lap 41, though, Prillaman eked out one car-length’s worth of breathing room.   Wall tried to rally in the closing laps, but could only trim the deficit in half as Prillaman won by half a car-length. Loving was third to the line, followed by Spurlock and Hughes. The top five moved on to the evening’s finale, the Top Dog feature, along with Scott Allen, John Nickens and Carlton, the sixth- through eighth-place finishers. Wallace was ninth in the finishing order.

***   Jason Manes of Powhatan, Va., took the lead for good on lap 30 and led the rest of the way for his first win of the season in the 50-lap Insurance Doctor B Main.   Camden Testerman started on the pole and paced the first five laps, leading up to the race’s first caution flag, which appeared on lap 6.   Back under green, Tripp Thurston used the outside lane to move to the point. John Alford emerged from the shuffle in second, followed by Manes, while Testerman slid back to fourth.   The second caution flag flew on lap 13 when Casey Sipe spun in Turn 2 and collected Tyler Daniels. For the ensuing restart, Thurston opted for the outside lane, ceding the inside to Manes. The move didn’t pay off as Manes grabbed the lead on the restart.   The third caution flag followed quickly as a multi-car fracas broke out in Turn 1. The dust-up earned Thurston a trip to the rear of the field.   As the race resumed, Manes was the leader with Sipe on his outside flank. The two dueled door-to-door from lap 21 to lap 25 when Sipe gained the clear-cut edge.   Sipe’s advantage was short-lived, however, as Manes regained the top spot on lap 30. While Manes began to pull away, Sipe ran into trouble on lap 32, smacking the outside wall in Turn 1. He dropped off the pace and eventually pulled to the infield.   The race was slowed by two more caution flags, at laps 40 and 46, bringing the total to five.   On the final restart, Manes fought off Thurston for the lead and eased away by four lengths, a margin he would hold to the checkers. Thurston was second, followed by Francis Jarrelle III, Tyler Daniels and Alford. Those five drivers, along with sixth-place Testerman, advanced to the Top Dog race. Sipe, Jason Styron and Connor Medeiros came up short in their quest for a Top Dog starting spot.

***   Mini Tyrrell of Manassas, Va., scored his first win of the season in a 30-lapper for the Youth Series. Starting from the outside of the front row, he chased down pole-sitter Garrett Manes and took the lead on lap 14.   Once out front, Tyrrell dashed away to lead by half a lap. That margin vanished, though, when the last of the race’s three yellow flags came out on lap 26.   Under green for a sprint to the finish, Tyrrell quickly opened a three-length advantage over second-place Aubrey Hill, who had his hands full with a challenge from Chase Burrow.   At the end, Tyrrell was the winner by a straightaway over Burrow, who snatched second from Hill on lap 27. Manes passed Hill on lap 29 and came home in third. Hill was fourth, while Savannah Nickens completed the top five. Autumn Weaver, Jay Seward and Olivia Florian rounded out the rundown.

***   Henrico, Va.’s Dystany Spurlock topped Cody Carlton and Scott Prillaman to nab her first career pole in afternoon qualifying for the Pro Series. Spurlock’s best lap — 8.001 seconds — was 36-thousandths of a second quicker than Carlton’s and 44-thousandths quicker than Prillaman’s. Jordan Wallace and Travis Wall rounded out the top five among the 17 drivers who posted times.   In Youth Series time trials, Garrett Manes bagged his second pole of the season, circling the tenth-mile oval in 8.512 seconds. Mini Tyrrell was second-fastest, 0.209-second off Manes’ pace, followed by Olivia Florian, Autumn Weaver and Savannah Nickens.

*** NOVEMBER 23 RACE RESULTS from Richmond Coliseum:   PRO SERIES TOP DOG (51 laps): 1. Scott Prillaman; 2. Travis Wall; 3. Dystany Spurlock; 4. Tyler Daniels; 5. Francis Jarrelle III; 6. Jason Manes; 7. Tripp Thurston; 8. John Nickens; 9. Dylan Loving; 10. Tyler Hughes; 11. Scott Allen; 12. John Alford; 13. Camden Testerman; 14. Cody Carlton. Pole: Alford.

PRO SERIES A MAIN (50 laps): 1. Scott Prillaman; 2. Travis Wall; 3. Dylan Loving; 4. Dystany Spurlock; 5. Tyler Hughes; 6. Scott Allen; 7. John Nickens; 8. Cody Carlton; 9. Jordan Wallace. Pole: Spurlock.

PRO SERIES B MAIN (50 laps): 1. Jason Manes; 2. Tripp Thurston; 3. Francis Jarrelle III; 4. Tyler Daniels; 5. John Alford; 6. Camden Testerman; 7. Casey Sipe; 8. Jason Styron; 9. Connor Medeiros. Pole: Testerman.

YOUTH SERIES (30 laps): 1. Mini Tyrrell; 2. Chase Burrow; 3. Garrett Manes; 4. Aubrey Hill; 5. Savannah Nickens; 6. Autumn Weaver; 7. Jay Seward; 8. Olivia Florian. Pole: Manes.

NEXT EVENT: Saturday, Dec. 7, at the Richmond Coliseum. Doors open at 6:00 PM; racing starts at 7:00 PM.

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