MARCH 23, 2012 – RACE RESULTS from Richmond Coliseum:

 MARCH 23, 2012 - RACE RESULTS from Richmond Coliseum:

ARENA RACING USA at Richmond (Va.) Coliseum
FeedMore 200 presented by Verizon Wireless and Interstate Batteries Race Report

MARCH 23 RACE RESULTS from Richmond Coliseum:

TOP DOG (50 laps): 1. Scott Prillaman; 2. Jordan Wood; 3. Cody Carlton; 4. Travis Wall; 5. Jason Manes; 6. Tyler Hughes; 7. Scott Allen; 8. Austin Jefferson; 9. Matt Midgett; 10. Robbie Davis; 11. Troy Doggett; 12. Jason Styron; 13. Daniel Thomas; 14. Dylan Loving. Pole: Davis.

A MAIN (50 laps): 1. Scott Prillaman; 2. Travis Wall; 3. Tyler Hughes; 4. Jordan Wood; 5. Jason Styron; 6. Austin Jefferson; 7. Cody Carlton; 8. Robbie Davis; 9. Pete Hunt; 10. Mike Weddell; 11. Tommy Jackson Jr. Pole: Hughes.

B MAIN (50 laps): 1. Troy Doggett; 2. Scott Allen; 3. Jason Manes; 4. Matt Midgett; 5. Dylan Loving; 6. Daniel Thomas; 7. Lin O’Neill; 8. Cayton Hornberger; 9. Nathan Thomas; 10. Josh Thomas. Pole: Hornberger.

YOUTH SERIES (30 laps): 1. Macy Causey; 2. Tripp Thurston; 3. Savannah Cook; 4. Jordan Valdes; 5. Brooke Causey. Pole: Thurston.

NEXT EVENT:  “Championship Saturday,” April 7, at the Richmond Coliseum. 2011-12 Season Finale. Doors open at 6:00 PM; racing starts at 7:00 PM.

RICHMOND, Va. (Mar. 23) — Scott Prillaman grabbed the lead on lap 2 and sailed to his sixth Pro Series victory of the season in the 50-lap Machinery Movers & Erectors Top Dog race, the featured event of Friday evening’s FeedMore 200 presented by Verizon Wireless and Interstate Batteries for Arena Racing USA at the Richmond Coliseum.
The win was Prillaman’s second in Top Dog competition and second of the night as he picked up the A Main victory earlier in the evening. With the Top Dog/A Main sweep, he kept the pressure on series points leader Travis Wall, heading into the season finale on April 7.

Robbie Davis drew the pole for the start of the event, sharing the front row with Prillaman. Jason Styron and Tyler Hughes filled Row 2, while Wall and Cody Carlton launched from Row 3.
As the race got under way, Davis and Prillaman dueled for the lead with Davis nosing ahead at the end of the opening circuit. Prillaman rallied on lap 2, however, and surged ahead as they passed beneath the flagstand. Davis settled into second, followed by Wall, Hughes and Carlton.

The first caution flag flew on lap 14 when Jason Manes looped his machine in Turns 1 and 2.
On the double-file restart, Prillaman powered ahead of Davis, who soon found Wall to his inside. After three laps of door-to-door action, Davis regained command of the runner-up spot and left the door open for Carlton, Hughes and Jordan Wood, who all freight-trained Wall back to sixth.

The second caution flag appeared on lap 26 when B Main winner Troy Doggett spun in Turn 4. The third yellow flag waved on the ensuing restart when second-place Davis nearly overturned in Turn 4 with help from Hughes. The incident sent Davis to the sidelines and Hughes to the back of the pack.
Restarting to Prillaman’s outside, Carlton was a little too quick on the accelerator and prompted the fourth yellow flag as the field slowed.

Back under green, Prillaman dispensed with Carlton and opened the door for Wood, who motored underneath Carlton in a bid for second. Wood cleared Carlton on lap 41, only to see Carlton change lanes and move back underneath him.
Before the Wood/Carlton battle could play out further, the fifth, and final, caution flag was unfurled on lap 44 as Matt Midgett and Scott Allen tangled off Turn 4, resulting in heavy damage to Midgett’s car.
With caution laps now being scored, the field girded for a “green-white-checkered” finish. Prillaman and Wood shared the front row for the double-file restart, followed by Carlton and Wall in Row 2. Under green for the final time, Prillaman bolted ahead, while Carlton moved up to resume his duel with Wood.

At the finish, Prillaman was the winner by half a straightaway over Wood, who nipped Carlton by half a car-length for second. Wall was fourth and Manes completed the top five. Hughes was sixth to the line, followed by Allen and Austin Jefferson, the final drivers to finish the entire distance.
Among the early retirees from the event, Midgett was shown in ninth, followed by Davis, Doggett, styron, Daniel Thomas and Dylan Loving.

Scott Prillaman moved out front on the 46th circuit and rolled to his fifth win of the season in the caution-filled, 50-lap Insurance Doctor A Main. The race got off to a rocky start with two yellow flags before the first lap was in the books as eager pole-sitter Tyler Hughes jumped the green flag. When the event finally got rolling, Hughes motored into the lead, pulling ahead of outside pole starter Mike Weddell. Tommy Jackson Jr. moved up to challenge Weddell for second and nabbed the clear-cut edge on lap 4. The Jackson/Weddell duel allowed Hughes to build a full-straightaway lead.

The third caution flag waved on lap 18 when Jackson and Weddell tangled off Turn 4.
Back under green, Hughes quickly cleared Travis Wall, who had given up the fourth position to restart alongside the leader. Robbie Davis grabbed second from Wall, then set off after Hughes.
On lap 20, Davis muscled Hughes up the banking in Turn 2 and took over the top spot. Caught on the outside, Hughes also gave way to Wall and Cody Carlton.

The fourth caution flag flew on lap 26 when Jackson and Hughes had their second get-together, this time on the backstretch. Only three more green-flag laps were completed before the fifth yellow flag appeared for debris, from Jackson’s battered machine, in Turn 4.
As the race resumed, Davis pulled ahead of Wall, who again lined up on his outside flank. Carlton also scooted past Wall, dropping the points leader to third. Meanwhile, Prillaman, who started 10th, had cracked the top five and bypassed Hughes on lap 38 to take over fourth.

Caution #6 was displayed on lap 39 when Jackson and Pete Hunt locked horns on the frontstretch. The incident chased Jackson to the infield and he was joined by Weddell.

As the field bunched for a restart, Prillaman pulled to the outside of Davis in a bid for the win. Back under green, Davis cleared Prillaman as they reached Turns 3 and 4. Prillaman kept chugging on the outside, though, and powered to Davis’ outside on lap 45.
On lap 46, Prillaman cleared Davis in Turns 1 and 2. As he drove away, a multi-car mess broke out in his mirror, triggered by Davis and Carlton, both of whom earned trips to the back of the pack.

Facing a “green-white-checkered” sprint to the finish, Prillaman eased ahead of Hughes as they roared into Turn 1 on the last restart. While Hughes dropped into a tussle for second with Wall, Prillaman widened his advantage.
At the finish, Prillaman was the winner by three car-lengths over Wall. Hughes was third, followed by Jordan Wood and Jason Styron. Austin Jefferson headed the second five, in sixth. Carlton and Davis were seventh and eighth, in that order, and claimed the last Top Dog transfer spots. Hunt, Weddell and Jackson completed the rundown, missing out on Top Dog starting positions.

Troy Doggett muscled past pole-sitter Cayton Hornberger on the second lap and showed the way to his first victory of the season in the 50-lap Pete Rose Landscape Products B Main.

As Doggett pulled ahead of Hornberger, he left the inside lane open for Jason Manes, Nathan Thomas, Lin O’Neill and Daniel Thomas, who streamed past the pole starter.

The first caution flag appeared on lap 18 when Josh Thomas lost a drive chain. Bunching for the restart, second-place Manes pulled out of line and motored alongside Doggett. He was joined up top by Scott Allen, Matt Midgett and Hornberger.
Back under green, Doggett made short work of Manes, who fell into a side-by-side battle with O’Neill. Manes got the better of that exchange on lap 19. Allen slipped by O’Neill on lap 23.

The second caution flag flew on lap 25 when Nathan Thomas overturned in Turn 2. Gathering for the restart, Allen, Midgett and Hornberger headed for the outside lane, while Doggett remained planted on the inside.

As the race resumed, Doggett cleared Allen, who quickly found Manes to his inside. Manes gained the clear-cut edge over Allen on lap 28. Their brief duel allowed Doggett to open a three-length lead.

Battling for a Top Dog spot, O’Neill ran into some difficulty on lap 31 when his hood flew up, blocking his view. After feeling his way for a couple laps, he finally stopped just off the racing surface in the middle of Turns 1 and 2, forcing the third caution flag, at lap 35.
On the restart, Doggett easily dispensed with Manes, who was on his outside flank. Allen took advantage of the opening and grabbed second. Midgett took the cue and followed Allen past Manes, to third.

The last of the race’s four yellow flags appeared on lap 43 when Hornberger overturned in Turn 4. With caution laps being counted, the incident set up the evening’s second “green-white-checkered” dash.

Under green for the two-lap sprint, Doggett cleared Midgett, who soon faced a challenge from Allen. On lap 49, Allen shouldered Midgett aside off Turn 2 to grab the runner-up spot, while Doggett pulled away.

At the checkers, Doggett was the winner by half a straightaway over Allen. Manes was third, followed by Midgett and Dylan Loving. Daniel Thomas was sixth and joined the top five in advancing to the Top Dog race. O’Neill, Hornberger, Nathan Thomas and Josh Thomas were seventh through 10th, respectively, failing to earn a Top Dog spot.

In the Youth Series feature, Macy Causey assumed the lead on lap 14 and led the rest of the way to score her fifth victory of the season. Due to a couple late caution flags, the event ran eight laps past the scheduled 30-lap distance.
Tripp Thurston, gunning for his third straight win, started on the pole and led the first 13 circuits with Savannah Cook and Causey in tow.

On lap 14, the top three exited Turn 4 nose-to-tail and Thurston spun across the front of Cook’s machine, bringing out the second caution flag. As Thurston and Cook retreated to the back of the pack, Causey moved out front.
The race was slowed by three more caution flags, at laps 15, 25 and 29. The last one was brought out when Thurston overturned in Turn 4 after contact with Cook.

On the last restart, Causey quickly pulled away from Thurston and won by three lengths. Cook tailed the lead duo to the line, in third. Jordan Valdes and Brooke Causey were fourth and fifth, respectively.

Scott Prillaman notched his ninth pole award of the season in late afternoon Pro Series qualifying, circling the tenth-mile oval in 7.706 seconds to equal his week-old track record. Robbie Davis was second-fastest, at 7.828 seconds. Cody Carlton, Travis Wall and Jordan Wood rounded out the top five. Twenty-one drivers posted timed laps and just 0.895-second separated the fastest and slowest.

In Youth Series qualifying, Macy Causey extended her perfect mark to 13-for-13. Causey’s lap, at 8.249 seconds, was 0.259-second quicker than the one turned in by Savannah Cook. Brooke Causey and Tripp Thurston were third and fourth, respectively, in the time trial results.

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