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ARENACAR® race team information and guidelines to help you get started:

If you ever dreamed of owning your own racing team, here is the best way to get involved with auto racing in an affordable and professional racing league.

Audio Message from Joe Gibbs about Arena Racing

Take a look at our original “Mission Statement” written in 2002:
Purpose and Vision of Arena Racing USA®

To bring auto racing to the masses. Competitors, owners, sponsors and spectators now have a racing option that is affordable, competitive and fun while being professional at the same time.

To strictly enforce the national rule book firmly and fairly to provide a level playing field among all competitors. To change the long time face of racing by providing rules that keep a class of racing from evolving, which means the costs stay fair and consistent for years to come.

To recognize and promote the achievements of racers to help them attract more sponsorship for their teams and to create local heroes for the community.

To develop a class of racing that gives young racers a starting point to learn this sport, or an opportunity for anyone to fulfill the dream of always wanting to race.

Reasons to buy an ArenaCar® Racing Team:

8402664888_8548711638_bPromote Your Business

By using the team like any other Title Rights holder would.


The networking inside the pit area could be your greatest asset. New friends, customers and business associates will be generated to those that seize the opportunity.

Study this as a “small business” opportunity

When you can generate Sponsor/Title Rights revenue that more than covers all start-up costs from the beginning and your only requirement to start next season is a registration fee because you already own all the assets you need to compete. The net result can be very beneficial. Being profitable while doing something this fun is amazing.

Example Featured Driver Intro:

Keep Your Family Together

6686138017_a95ed73c87_bMany parents have said this is the best tool to get kids to do well in school in every way.
Have a very affordable and GREAT time, 15 times a year, with employees, customers, vendors, friends and family for about $10 per person.
Put a true value on your  fun and having people close to you–at your party!

Get the same ROI as a “Cup” team owner and get it at the local level with a local budget. Profitable.

Tremendous sponsor revenue potential for your team. And the more companies that team up with you the greater the “Racing Experience” becomes.
Rent your car out to sponsors and other companies to use at trade shows and other needs.
Medallion should appreciate in value as attendance and the sport grows.

It’s a Blast!


You can have a party at someone else´s house and not have to clean up the mess.
Your notoriety will grow in the community.


If you don’t want to go through the sponsor search and just want to pay for this as you go on your own, that is fine. But the opportunity exists to live the entire team ownership experience as the top race team owners in the sport. Tremendous sponsor revenue opportunities, doing show appearances, being recognized in the community, and the satisfaction of building the entire racing program WAS something only the “rich” could attain. Now with ArenaCar™ Racing you too can live the dream—very affordably!

MOST IMPORTANTLY is that you can start racing with an
entire team that cost the same as some of the new Jet Skis on the market today!


Reasons to move quickly to reserve your spot:

  • You get to reserve your number choice when you put down your deposit.
  • We are only selling a limited supply this year.
  • The ability to use your car in promotions.
  • The ability to get sponsorship quicker and be able to SHOW them the car and where their name can go
  • Cellular preferred but not required
  • Your selection will help us direct your inquiry to the appropriate department. Please allow up to 24 hours for reply (most will be answered sooner).
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CORPORATE OFFICE: Arena Racing USA® 8016 Staples Mill Rd,
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