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Hometown Realty 200
Race Report
Saturday, January 11, 2014


RICHMOND, Va. (Jan. 11 new-window) — Just nine hours after the Commonwealth of Virginia welcomed its new governor, Terry McAuliffe, to office, Arena Racing USA welcomed a new winner to its AmeriGas new-windowTop Dog Victory Lane as Chesapeake, Va.’s
Cody Carlton new-window led the last 47 laps of the 50-lap event to take the checkered flag in the featured race of Saturday evening’s Hometown Realty 200 at the Richmond Coliseum. The victory was Carlton’s second of the season, to go along with an A Main win on Nov. 9.

Tyler Daniels drew the pole for the start, sharing the front row with Carlton. Tyler Hughes and Scott Prillaman made up the second row, while Travis Wall and Francis Jarrelle III launched from Row 3.

The event got off to a rocky start as Daniels overturned in Turn 2 on the initial circuit. He slid up the track and smacked the outside wall before collecting Prillaman, Jarrelle and Casey Sipe, among others. The incident spelled the end of the evening for Daniels, Jarrelle and Camden Testerman, trimming the 14-car grid to 11 as the field was reorganized for another try at a successful start.

With the lineup jumbled, rookie contender Jordan Wallace assumed the pole position. Twice, the over-eager newcomer jumped the green flag, prompting another pair of caution flags and no completed laps.

The fourth try at a start proved to be the charm as Wallace powered ahead of Carlton and hauled the field into Turn 1. Wallace was unable to completely clear Carlton, though, and the outside pole-sitter drove to the leader’s outside on lap 2. Wallace eked out a slim edge on laps 2 and 3, then gave way to Carlton on lap 4. Carlton cleared Wallace on lap 5 and brought Wall along with him, to second.

In the early going, Carlton and Wall were able to distance themselves from the rest of the field as the pack stacked up behind third-place Wallace. On lap 16, Hughes made his way around Wallace and opened the door for Dystany Spurlock, Prillaman and Jason Styron.

The field was bunched when the fourth caution flag flew on lap 24 as Connor Medeiros and Prillaman tangled at the entrance to Turn 3, collecting Styron. Medeiros and Styron headed to the sidelines, joined by Bryan Hager.

As the race resumed, Carlton quickly dispensed with Wall, who immediately found Hughes to his inside. After dueling door-to-door for a couple laps, Wall regained command of the second spot and set sail after Carlton, who was up by two lengths. Meanwhile, Prillaman, the series points leader, was creeping back into contention, advancing to fourth place.

By lap 35, Carlton had extended his margin to four car-lengths and was threatening to check out on the field. His cruise to the winner’s circle was interrupted, though, when Sipe got shouldered into the outside wall along the backstretch on lap 38, coming to rest at the entrance to Turn 3 and bringing out the fifth, and final, yellow flag.

The green flag reappeared to begin lap 45 and Carlton wasted no time, clearing Wall before they reached Turn 1. As Carlton pulled away, Hughes rushed to the inside of Wall, while Prillaman lurked just behind.

On lap 46, Hughes and Wall tangled in Turn 2 and slid up the banking. Spotting an opening down low, Prillaman bypassed both drivers and advanced from fourth to second. The shuffle allowed Carlton to pad his lead to half a straightaway.
At the checkers, Carlton was the winner by 0.784-second over Prillaman, who saw his season-opening, three-race Top Dog winning streak come to a halt. Wall and Hughes were third and fourth, respectively, and their race-ending battle sparked a brief post-race scuffle. Spurlock rounded out the top five.

John Nickens headed the second five, in sixth, the final driver to complete all 50 circuits. Wallace was seventh, followed by Sipe, Styron and Hager. Medeiros, Daniels, Testerman and Jarrelle completed the rundown.

Tyler Hughes new-window of Cordova, Md., grabbed the lead on lap 25 and held on in the closing circuits to score his first win of the season in the 50-lap Uptown Color new-window A Main.

Scott Prillaman started on the pole and paced the first 24 laps with Hughes, the outside pole-sitter, and Travis Wall in tow.
The race was slowed by caution flags on laps 2 and 3. On both restarts, Hughes opted for the outside lane, but couldn’t overtake Prillaman, who held a firm grip on the top spot.

Heading for the crossed flags, signifying the halfway mark, the complexion of the event took a turn when Prillaman got tangled up with a slower car in Turn 2. Hughes pounced on the opening and slipped past Prillaman to take the lead. Wall was unable to take advantage of Prillaman’s predicament and remained in third place.

Twice over the last 12 laps, Prillaman was able to work to the inside of Hughes as the leader dealt with lapped traffic. Prillaman couldn’t find enough bite on the low side to complete the pass, however, as Hughes used the momentum off the high groove to maintain the lead.

Coming to the finish, Prillaman took one final run at Hughes and the two tangled off Turn 4. Hughes spun across the finish line, taking the win by a car-length. Prillaman was the runner-up, followed by Wall, Cody Carlton and Dystany Spurlock.
The top five drivers, along with Tyler Daniels, Casey Sipe and Jordan Wallace, advanced to the evening’s Top Dog finale. John Alford, Tripp Thurston and Jason Manes were credited with ninth, 10th and 11th place, in that order, and missed out on Top Dog starting spots.

Francis Jarrelle III new-window of Chesterfield, Va., moved out front on lap 21 and led the way to the finish of the 50-lap
Insurance Doctor new-window B Main, picking up his first win of the season.

Bryan Hager drew the pole for the start of the event, but gave way to outside pole-sitter Jason Styron on the opening circuit. Connor Medeiros tagged along with Styron and took over second place, followed by Jarrelle, who started fifth on the 11-car grid.
The first 17 laps were interrupted by four caution flags. On the second restart, at lap 13, Jarrelle slipped past Medeiros to take over the second spot.

For what would turn out to be the final restart, at lap 21, Styron opted for the outside lane, just as he had on the previous restarts. This time, though, the strategy backfired as Jarrelle nosed ahead to take the lead. He cleared Styron on lap 22. On lap 23, Styron swapped lanes and worked a fender underneath the new leader. He couldn’t overtake Jarrelle, however.
By lap 37, Jarrelle had widened his advantage to half a straightaway. Heading into the final 10 laps, though, Styron began to narrow the gap.

Slower traffic became a factor as the white flag waved, allowing Styron to close to within a car-length of Jarrelle’s rear bumper. Jarrelle hung on, though, winning by a car-length. Styron was second, while Medeiros, John Nickens and Camden Testerman completed the top five. Sixth-place Hager joined the top five finishers in moving on to the Top Dog feature, while Wesley Givens, Scott Allen, Joe Covington, Mike Weddell and Lin O’Neill were left on the sidelines for the night’s final race.

Garrett Manes of Powhatan, Va., took the lead on lap 20 and motored to his third win of the season in a 30-lap contest for the Youth Series.

Aubrey Hill started from the pole position, but surrendered the top spot to outside pole-sitter Mini Tyrrell as the green flag waved. Autumn Weaver came along with Tyrrell and took over second place, while Hill dropped to third. Sixth on the starting grid, Manes picked up two spots in the opening shuffle and emerged in fourth place.

Manes snagged third from Hill on lap 4, then grabbed second from Weaver on lap 6. By then, however, Tyrrell had already opened a full-straightaway margin.

A caution flag on lap 10 wiped out Tyrrell’s healthy advantage and put Manes right on his rear bumper for the ensuing restart.
Back under green, Tyrrell and Manes jousted in nose-to-tail formation until lap 20 when slower traffic came into play. While Tyrrell struggled to find a clear path, Manes slipped past to take over the top spot.

Tyrrell continued to hold down the second position until lap 26 when he and Weaver tangled off Turn 2, bringing out the last of the race’s three caution flags and earning both drivers a trip to the back of the pack.

On the final restart, Manes bolted to a two-length advantage over new second-place runner Olivia Florian. By the finish, he had extended his winning margin to four lengths. Florian was second, followed by Chase Burrow, Hill and Tyrrell. Savannah Nickens and Weaver completed the rundown.

Travis Wall of Chesapeake captured his his pole award of the season in late afternoon Pro Series qualifying. Wall circled the tenth-mile oval in 7.882 seconds to trim Tyler Hughes by 20-thousandths of a second. Cody Carlton and Scott Prillaman were third and fourth, respectively. Dystany Spurlock was fifth-quickest as her pole-winning streak was snapped at two. In all, 21 drivers posted timed laps with 0.817-second separating the fastest and slowest.

In Youth Series time trials, Garrett Manes snagged his fourth pole award in as many tries. Manes clocked in at 8.347 seconds to best Olivia Florian by nearly two-tenths of a second. Chase Burrow, Mini Tyrrell and Autumn Weaver rounded out the top five.

JANUARY 11 RACE RESULTS from Richmond Coliseum:
PRO SERIES TOP DOG (50 laps): 1. Cody Carlton; 2. Scott Prillaman; 3. Travis Wall; 4. Tyler Hughes; 5. Dystany Spurlock; 6. John Nickens; 7. Jordan Wallace; 8. Casey Sipe; 9. Jason Styron; 10. Bryan Hager; 11. Connor Medeiros; 12. Tyler Daniels; 13. Camden Testerman; 14. Francis Jarrelle III. Pole: Daniels.

PRO SERIES A MAIN (50 laps): 1. Tyler Hughes; 2. Scott Prillaman; 3. Travis Wall; 4. Cody Carlton; 5. Dystany Spurlock; 6. Tyler Daniels; 7. Casey Sipe; 8. Jordan Wallace; 9. John Alford; 10. Tripp Thurston; 11. Jason Manes. Pole: Prillaman.

PRO SERIES B MAIN (50 laps): 1. Francis Jarrelle III; 2. Jason Styron; 3. Connor Medeiros; 4. John Nickens; 5. Camden Testerman; 6. Bryan Hager; 7. Wesley Givens; 8. Scott Allen; 9. Joe Covington; 10. Mike Weddell; 11. Lin O’Neill. Pole: Hager.

YOUTH SERIES (30 laps): 1. Garrett Manes; 2. Olivia Florian; 3. Chase Burrow; 4. Aubrey Hill; 5. Mini Tyrrell; 6. Savannah Nickens; 7. Autumn Weaver. Pole: Hill.

*Note: Points may not yet be updated for this race at time of this posting.

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