What is ArenaRacingUSA®?

What is an ArenaCar® and ArenaRacingUSA®?

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ArenaRacingUSA®is exciting, family-oriented entertainment which features ARENACARS®, real half-scale stock cars racing around a half-million dollar, high-banked race track inside the Richmond Coliseum. Every ARENACAR® must meet the exact same league specifications to ensure that the action on the track is the result of good driving skills, not a mechanical advantage. The cars circle the hockey rink-sized track at speeds nearing 50 mph – in less than 8 seconds! The racers run 2 and 3 abreast around this indoor track with all of the bumping, rubbing, crashing, and even flipping, normally associated with stock-car races. In between the racing action, there is music, spectator contests, T-shirt cannons, and great prizes! The Arena Racing season runs from late Fall to Spring. Even if you are not a race fan, you will enjoy the excitement of ArenaRacingUSA® and will value spending time with kids, friends, and co-workers.

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Arena Racing USA®
8016 Staples Mill Rd,
Richmond, VA 23228
PHONE:(804) 835-5211
EMAIL: contactus@ArenaRacingUSA.com

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